Tram Cafe, Munich

Tram Cafe

Munich’s Tram Cafe, located close to the Postpalast, is a draw because of its concept – a creperie in an old tram. Thankfully, the whole thing isn’t just a gimmick – the Tram Cafe produces the most delicious crepes I’ve enjoyed outside of Paris.

The menu is extensive, particularly when it comes to dessert crepes – banana biscotto, apple strudel, coconut and oreo – and it’s nothing for those on a diet. If you are on a diet, you could try their savory fitness crepe.

Deliveroo sent over a Mexican crepe, a peppered steak crepe and a very decadent brownie crepe. To be honest, I was a bit dubious about ordering crepes as a takeout. I thought they’d arrive all soggy and lukewarm. But they were amazing. The Mexican crepe was pretty spicy (always a plus in a city that tends to dumb down spicy food), the peppered steak was wonderfully tender and the brownie was as chocolatey as you might hope.

Order online here, or pop by in summer to enjoy a crepe on a deck chair.

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