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One beautifully sunny lunchtime a couple of weeks ago, I headed to Lezizel near Brudermühlstraße to try their Turkish manti. Manti are small dumplings, filled with meat or veg and served with brown butter, sumac and yogurt. It’s proper comfort food, and packed full of flavour.

Lezizel has opened two branches in Munich – one close to Brudermühlstraße and one in the Glockenbachviertel. You can order a meat-filled or vegan/vegetarian dish, and the manti come topped with truffle oil, feta cheese, walnuts, olives or pastirma. You can choose to add yogurt to the manti, blended with garlic (or without, if you have a meeting later that day!), and if you’re really hungry, they do sides of bulgur salads or pickled vegetables. All of their food is made from scratch and is free from additives.

Lezizel Manti

As well as homemade manti, Lezizel also offer homemade lemonade (also free from additives, sweetened with honey), homemade ayran, and freshly pressed juices. Desserts are also made in house and are traditionally Turkish – baklava, Noah’s pudding with nuts and rice pudding are all on offer.

And if you’re keen to try manti at home, you can take a 330g pack home with you (it’ll keep in the fridge for a fortnight) – you just need butter, sweet paprika, sumac and Turkish yogurt to serve up a traditional Turkish delight.

For opening times and addresses, check out their website here, and become a fan of them on Facebook – either here (Glockenbach) or here (Sendling).

Lezizel Munich

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