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I met Sasha for an indulgent session of morning eclairs back in spring. She had told me how good Dompierre‘s French pastries were, and I was hankering after a freshly baked, creamy eclair for a mid-morning snack.

Alas, by ten o’clock, their Tengstraße branch had already run out of fig and nut bread and the only eclairs on offer were chocolate or coffee, which is a sign of the bakery’s roaring popularity. There were however, plenty of chocolate eclairs to dive into, and we took a couple down to Elisabethmarkt, to eat outside in the sun (with coffee from Casa Sarda). Crispy on the outside, creamy and chocolatey in the middle, they were incredible.

The Dompierre bakers make traditional artisan products made from high-quality ingredients. They don’t use additives, and their flour is sourced from an old mill around an hour away from Paris. It’s as French as you can get in Munich, and tastes like heaven.

Dompierre bakery
© Dompierre

I returned the other day with Lilian, having got up super early to try to snap up some fig and walnut bread. This time I was lucky – and boy, the bread is good.


The bakery now has three branches in Munich – the original, on Tengstraße, close to Hohenzollernplatz, one on Schellingstraße and one in the Glockenbachviertel. Get there early with an empty belly!

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