Deli Dosa München

Deli Dosa

After my lunch at Cafe Daddy Longlegs with Annka, we headed in search of coffee and dessert. We didn’t have to walk far. Just a couple of buildings down, we came across Deli Dosa, next door to the popular restaurant/bar Picnic.

Deli Dosa’s only been open a couple of months, and they don’t yet have a website (but you can check out the menu via Foodora). They dish up Indian dhal, dosas, chutneys and curries, while the interior is more reminiscent of a New York deli than it is of an Indian restaurant. The decor is clean and minimalistic, as is the presentation of their food. Annka and I both ordered coffees and mango mousse – which was beautifully fruity.

Deli Dosa - Maxvorstadt, Munich

Annka also recommended the mango lassis – she said the lassis she had in Picnic were the best she’d had in Munich. I’ll be going back for lunch soon, and I am looking forward to sampling the whole menu – dosas, lassis and more of that mango mousse.

Deli Dosa Munich Barerstraße 48, tram 27, 28, 37, 38

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