Cafe Kubitscheck in Westend, Munich

Cafe Kubitscheck

A couple of years ago, I went to a concert at one of the most unusual locations possible – in a sewer, up near Alte Heide, to the north of Munich. No one knew what to expect – it was a strict guest-list only event, with a maximum of twenty people. We congregated in a car park, totally unaware of what was going to happen, and were given slices of the most heavenly cake, from Westend’s Cafe Kubitscheck.

After we were done with our little tea party, we were taken into the sewers with flashlights, where Enik played the loveliest acoustic set. The acoustics in the sewage system were wonderful, and he had accompaniment from a cello – the whole thing was incredibly haunting. But what particularly sticks in my mind from that evening was the cake. It was SO good.

Enik - cake from Cafe Kubitscheck

So I decided it was high time to visit Cafe Kubitscheck myself.

Cafe Kubitscheck, Munich

I arrived late morning on a very wet last Wiesn Saturday, so things were far quieter than they normally are. The decor is contemporary and cosy – a perfect place to visit with friends for a catch-up on a dreary morning.

Their motto is “Fuck the Backmischung”, and everything is made fresh and from scratch. The way all good cakes should be made.


I chose the most exciting looking cake (I always chose aesthetics over anything else), which was the raspberry cream torte.


My cafe companion went for a healthier-looking raspberry cake, and we both ordered rhubarb juice (though next time, I’d like to try one of their Indian chais).

Now, don’t get me wrong – both cakes were delicious – and looked delightful, but they weren’t out-of-this-world good. People rave about Kubitscheck offering Munich’s best cakes, but I have had better. They were fantastic, but it’s not as if I needn’t try another cake again, because that was IT.

That said, Kubitscheck is very cute, and if you’re after a special cake for someone’s birthday, they will bake and beautifully decorate it for you. The table next to us ordered eggs en cocotte, and they looked amazing – I think I’ll have to try something savory next time.

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