“Schweinebraten and mini dumplings to go”.

That was enough to make me want to head straight to newly opened Bazi’s, in the Glockenbachviertel, to try out some Bavarian fast-food. It’s the tiniest place – with two stools made from beer crates, one table and a small bar area. I suppose it’s more the kind of place you quickly pop by after a night out in Beverley Kills at 5am on a Sunday morning, but I was there at 7pm on a Friday night.

I was recommended Schweinebraten in a Semmel, and as a Brit who can never say no to a pork bap, I was excited. I grabbed a Zisch and a couple of minutes later, my bap arrived.


BOY, it was good. The meat’s from Munich’s best butcher, Bauch – in the Schlachthofviertel (meaning the meat is always fresh from the slaughterhouse – and if you haven’t tried Bauch’s Weißwurst, you haven’t lived). The onions were perfectly roasted, and the only downside was that I only ordered one.

They also do steak baps, obatzda, potato salad – the Bavarian basics, and all of it as fast-food takeaway.

One of the owners is Beverley Kills’ owner’s brother – and it’s right next door, so it’s perfectly set up as a post-party cafe. Interestingly, Bazi’s is owned by an Iranian and a Turk – both of whom love Bavarian food. If you want to hear more about how two young Muslims came to set up a Bavarian fast-food Lokal, have a listen to this interview, recorded with M94.5.

Bazi’s is located at Müllerstr. 41, just a short walk from Sendlinger Tor.

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