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This is Atomic Love

This is Atomic Love is a documentary about the history of Munich’s most famous indie club – The Atomic Cafe, and its people, bands and legacy. After eighteen years of music and dancing, the club closed down on January 1, 2015.

For a long time, The Atomic Cafe was my favourite Munich club. It was the first Munich club I was a regular at, a place where you could dance your socks off, meet like-minded people and discover good music and new bands. It was a laid-back, cosy place to see some excellent gigs, drink a beer with friends and listen to Britpop on Wednesdays or sixties and northern soul over the weekends.

Heike Schuffenhauer and Marc Seibold are the documentary’s two Munich-based filmmakers, who will speak with DJs, bands and regulars about the venue and its importance. They’ve already conducted interviews with many fans of the Atomic, and aim to complete the movie this summer.

If you fancy supporting the crowdfunding project, you can support the Startnext campaign here. It’s running until the end of the month and the pair need 7,500 €, so get your donation in fast. You can donate as much as you like. For 20 € you’ll receive a jute bag with an Atomic print, for 60 € you’ll be invited to the premiere.

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