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Next Week in Munich – T.C. Boyle, Ben Rhodes & The Once

The week starts with a fascinating performance in the Kammerspiele. The ReSearch by American artist Ryan Trecartin uses high-speed collage videos to reflect the fast pace of our internet age. German director Felix Rothenhäusler has taken a text by Trecartin and used it to create a play – it’s the first theatre adaptation of one of Trecartin’s texts. The result is a utopian, ultra-modern play.

Razorlight are at the Freiheizhalle on Monday. I was only listening to Up All Night the other day (it’s fifteen years old now) and after a long hiatus, they released a new album, Olympus Sleeping, last year. Tickets cost around €30.

On Wednesday, Canadian folk band The Once are playing at Milla. The trio make the most gorgeous music, and tickets cost just €18. Singer Geraldine Hollett has a magical, magical voice. Just listen to this cover:

The Once at Milla is definitely a better alternative to the Olympiahalle on Wednesday – Ozzy Osbourne (I cannot believe he hasn’t retired yet) is playing. I saw him a few years ago at the Olympiahalle and he was truly awful. But whatever floats your boat.

Thursday is Valentine’s Day, but if you’re ignoring it, head to the Muffathalle to hear T.C. Boyle read from his latest novel, Outside Looking In. Boyle is hugely popular in Germany – I think far so than in the U.S., so book tickets in advance (ca. €20) to get a spot. Outside Looking In is a novel about LSD – and the first scientific and recreational forays into the drug.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former speechwriter, is at the Amerikahaus on Friday. (It’s a night of political tour de forces, Tony Blair’s holding a speech at the TUM the same evening, but that’s just for students.) Tickets for Ben Rhodes’ talk are available via Xing, and you don’t need a Xing account to register your interest.

Braukunst is on next Friday and Saturday (hurrah!). As usual, it’s at the MVG Museum and there will be workshops, food and plenty of small breweries – check out the full list here.

Always entertaining, Moop Mama are playing a sold-out show at the Muffathalle on Saturday. If you’ve got tickets, you’re in for an energetic night. I’m a huge fan of their big hit, Liebe, but their lyrics in recently released Molotow are also superb:

Round the week off with open pop choir Go Sing Choir at Strom on Sunday. It has been moved from Milla to Strom because of the increasing number of people attending, and it’s even a bit of a squeeze in Strom. So if you’re interested, get there early to secure a spot. Go Sing Choir also offers 5 ticket packages now – for €40 you can buy 5 tickets for the upcoming sessions.

Have a good week, folks!

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