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Next Week in Munich: The Crooked Brothers, Georg Baselitz & Alexander Kluge

Temperatures are plummeting and it really is tempting to stay inside, buried under a blanket. But there’s so much on in Munich (plus, Christmas markets!), you need to invest in a good pair of thermal insoles and brave the cold.

Soulful singer Myles Sanko is playing at the Ampere on Tuesday. I know, I know, this video makes him look like an X-Factor contestant, but there’s something toe-tappingly appealing about his Bill Withers-esque voice.

There’s a pretty fantastic event on at Haus der Kunst on Thursday. Georg Baselitz and Alexander Kluge will be present from 7pm onwards for a discussion on postwar art, within the framework of the Haus der Kunst’s current Postwar exhibition (which runs until the end of March).

Winnipeg trio The Crooked Brothers are at Strom on Friday. Their blend of folky blues is exactly what I want to hear at this time of year (wrapped up in an oversized jumper, sipping whisky and eating mashed potato) – it’s like a giant hug for your ears.

Also on Friday, Young Chinese Dogs are playing at the Kranhalle. Tickets can be bought for 17 € here, or for 18 € on the door.

There’s a lovely little Christmas Market being held for one day only in the Muffathalle on Sunday. From midday onwards, visit the Glockenbach Weihnachtsmarkt for wares created by fifty-five young, talented people. From knitwear to stationery, from jams and chutneys to jewellery, there’s plenty of individual gifts to be bought. Entrance is free and the cafe will be serving hot and cold meals.

Have a great week, folks!

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