Dillon at the Kammerspiele

Next Week in Munich – Dillon, Bishop Nehru & Jeff Soto

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying the Wiesn or are you fed up of vomit-stained trams, wobbly drunkards and expensive beer already? If you’re after something else to do, do read on…

New York native Bishop Nehru is kicking off the week with a bang at Milla on Monday. He’s just twenty, and he’s already achieved so much. He released a collaborative album with Doom back in 2014, giving the young rapper his big break, and he went on to release Magic: 19 earlier this year, a largely self-produced album. Clash gave Magic: 19 a very positive review, and he really is a talented young artist. Check him out for just 18 € on the door.

Hamburg’s laid back electro-pop Me Succeeds are at Milla on Tuesday, promoting their album Into Randomness, released in May of this year. Tickets are just 13 €, and it’s a mellow way to spend a Tuesday evening.

Deap Vally are at Milla on Thursday, channelling a west coast Yeah Yeah Yeahs mixed with Jack White. They’re two energetic, lively women, and they’re so much fun. You’d never guess they met in a crochet class.

I’m most excited for Dillon’s gig at the Kammerspiele on Saturday. The contemporary performing arts festival Foreign Affairs asked Dillon to come up with a theatrical concert, and she did so based on her two albums This Silence Kills and Unknown. And this is the concert she’ll be performing at the Kammerspiele on Saturday. The show starts at 9pm and tickets cost 28 € here.

Also on Saturday, head to the Amerika Haus to learn more about graffiti art. Californian artist Jeff Soto is in town, and he’s offering a workshop. Participants get to spray a wall at the Amerika Haus (unfortunately just in their garage, but hey, it’s something), and it’s certainly a fun way to spend a day.

Have a wonderful final week at the Wiesn folks!

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