Stadtmuseum Typographie des Terrors

Typographie des Terrors

I finally got round to checking out the Typographie des Terrors exhibition at Munich’s Stadtmuseum on Saturday, five months after it opened. Several friends had told me they found it fascinating, so I decided to pay the exhibition a visit.

Typographie des TerrorsI studied German at university, so I’ve had to study Nazi history extensively, but the exhibition still taught me a great deal.

Did you know, for example, that Hugo Boss designed the Stormtroopers (SA) uniform? Or that the Fraktur font was the chosen font of the Nazis until the Nazis decided the typeface had rather Jewish connections, and Antiqua became the font of choice?

The exhibition runs until November 11, 2012, and costs 6 € entry. This also allows you to visit all of the other exhibitions in the Stadtmuseum. Poster notes are all in German and English.

Open 10am-6pm Tuesday to Sunday.

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