Swoon at MUCA Munich

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Swoon at MUCA

A brand new retrospective is opening at MUCA this Saturday, coinciding with the Long Night of Munich Museums. US artist Swoon is showing two decades of her work at MUCA, in a fascinating retrospective that marks her first exhibition in Germany, having exhibited in MoMA and The Tate in the past, to name just two.

Swoon started her career off in street art – street pasting, to be exact. She creates pieces using recycled newspaper in her studio, before carrying them out into the streets and sticks the pieces to buildings using wheatpaste. Known for her portrayals of people, her most famous work is Anthropocene Extinction, which looks at the effects of industrialisation on people and the environment. Indeed, much of Swoon’s work is focused on social issues, and she is a hugely important, relevant artist in today’s world.

In 2009 she crashed the Venice Biennale with Swimming Cities of Serenissima, a performance project whereby Swoon and a crew of 30 sailed from Slovenia across the Adriatic in rafts made of salvaged materials. It served as a reminder that anything that can be imagined can be built.

She’s heavily involved in sustainable projects, and has worked on Konbit Shelter in Haiti, for example, designed to provide sustainable housing in the post-earthquake Caribbean country.

The MUCA retrospective will cover various aspects of her work over the past two decades, and you can meet the artist herself at The Long Night of Munich Museums on Saturday.

Entrance costs 7.50 € and MUCA is open from Wednesday through to Sunday. Combine it with brunch or lunch at Mural, for a proper day out.

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