For the past two years, the Feierwerk Farbenladen has been helping to support young Munich artists’ work. It’s a place for young artists to meet, to display their art and to exchange ideas. Now, the Farbenladen’s reaching further afield – until Sunday, you have the chance to catch political artwork from artists from Oaxaca, Mexico, entitled One of the principle artists involved is Yescka, who uses stencils and graffiti to portray the social and political problems of his country. He makes street art for the people, not for those who are privileged enough to visit galleries. Back in Mexico, Yescko founded ASARO, a collective of artists who create guerilla art in the country.

The exhibition is touring Europe, along with Yescka who will be presenting lectures on ASARO’s wood cuts. In collaboration with European artists, Yescka will be on hand to create new art pieces, a sort of interactive art tour, if you like. In December 2012 the works will be gathered together and presented at the Oaxaca Street Art Festival, an open display of resistance towards the corruption in Mexico.

One of the works made in collaboration with local artists is this graffiti piece, created in July at the Brüdermühlbrücke:


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