This weekend, head to the Reithalle in Munich to check out sustainable and recycled design with Fair-Cycle. The expo covers all aspects of design, from furniture to clothing, bags and accessories. The aim is to encourage us to reflect on our culture of disposability, and to consider products that have been recycled, that aren’t polluting our environment, and that aren’t creating (literal) tons of waste. Planned obsolescence is a frightening yet prevalent business strategy in today’s world, and as a planet, we are more concerned with immediacy and convenience than we are with responsibility and sustainability. Fair-Cycle wants to help change that.

The expo is in Munich for the very first time, and the organizers have prepared a delightfully packed program for visitors. On Saturday, you can head to workshops on sustainability, you can learn about Munich’s status as a Fairtrade city, and you can catch two concerts in the evening – Katharina Heinrich and Senegal-born Laye Mansa will be performing. Mansa will be hosting a presentation at midday on Sunday to demonstrate how his hometown in Senegal has been polluted by plastic, and aims to raise awareness of the massive pollution that plastic causes across the world. If you’re interested in reducing your plastic consumption, check out Katrin Schüler’s talk at 4:30pm – she’ll be taking about Naturlieferant – her fantastic project that aims to entirely remove plastic from your weekly shop.

Entrance costs 6 € per person (or 13 € for a family ticket), and Fair-Cycle’s on Saturday from 2pm till 10pm and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. You can buy your tickets on the door, but if you’re after a bargain, you can save 10% by ordering online in advance.


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