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ARTMUC 2015 is taking place at the Praterinsel from Thursday through to Sunday. Set up by Raiko and Marco Schwalbe, the brothers who founded STROKE, ARTMUC was established to provide small galleries and lesser known artists with a platform for their art.

Unlike other art fairs, ARTMUC isn’t solely about maximizing profit – both Raiko and Marco Schwalbe understand that smaller galleries could struggle to participate in such an event if the fees were to be too high, so instead the focus is on high-quality pieces. In order to ensure quality, participation numbers are limited – only around 100 artists have the chance to present themselves at the event, chosen from a panel of five art experts.

You can see a full list of the artists displaying at this year’s ARTMUC here, and I’ve chosen a few below that I’m particularly keen on:

Stefanie Hubner – the Bonn-born painter studied at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts, and produces a varied selection of colourful, beautifully realistic oil paintings.

Anatoly Rudakov – I first saw the Russian artist’s work in Atelier Alen, when I spent an evening there for Futterneid. His photographs are stunning, and I love the way he plays with light.

Stefanie Ramsel – Combining photography, painting and drawing, Ramsel produces collages inspired by street art and graffiti.

Frederick Eckenheim – Eckenheim mostly uses acrylics etched with acid into steel plates to create stunning portraits, using the loveliest colours.

ARTMUC 2015, Munich

ARTMUC is taking place from Thursday 14 May – Saturday 16 May from 1pm-8pm, and on Sunday 17 May from 1pm-6pm. Tickets are available for 10 € on the door.

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