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KrimiFestival Munich

If you love Agatha Christie, Val McDermid and James Sallis, the next three weeks will be packed with events for you at Munich’s KrimiFestival.

The festival is one of the world’s biggest celebrating international crime literature. You can check out the events page here, which details the book launches, author readings and audio book Tatort evenings. Some of the most famous crime writers are in town, including hyped newcomer Oliver Harris, who will be at the Cafe Muffathalle on 21 March – if you want tickets, book them now, as the event’s almost sold-out. Several big name events are already completely sold-out – Swedish writer Arne Dahl is reading at the pathology institute, and the event’s been sold-out for a while. What a wonderful choice of location for a reading of a thriller!

While Dahl is a celebrated writer in his own right, having won the Deutscher Krimi Preis twice, the location itself could play a huge role with regards to ticket availability. Irish bestselling author Eoin Colfer is also reading in the pathology institute, and his gig is also completely sold-out, as is the Sherlock Holmes event on 24 March.

Almost as eerie is the poetry reading at the Friedhofsgärtnerei Brandl (Nordfriedhof) on 4 April. Tickets are still available, so if you haven’t got a ticket for the pathology institute, try the cemetary instead. Poetry from one of my favourite German poets, Gottfried Benn, will be read. The expressionist’s poems will be read alongside poems from the bohemian Berliner Else Lasker-Schüler. A fine literary evening indeed!

Several criminal happenings will also be taking place in the police station, in the Andechs cloisters and in the medical institute, all adding atmosphere to a chilling reading. Tickets are selling like hot cakes though, so if you’re interested in going, check out the website and reserve asap.


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