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The Kulturkonsorten have taken over the Punto Gelato ice creamery in Westend for the winter. The project is, very appropriately, called Eisfrei, and it’s a fantastic concept. At its most basic, it’s a store, selling books, handmade jewellery and art. But they’ve also installed a typewriter, where visitors can sit down and type what they like. At the end, the words the typewriter produces bears witness to the winter.

Eisfrei - Schwantalerstr.

From December 1 onwards, Eisfrei will be a bustling events location, a cultural advents calendar, if you will. Every day until Christmas Eve, varying cultural events will take place – from cosy crochet evenings and book readings (with Kammerspiele Tim Bergmann, for example), to bands, wine tastings and theatrical performances. The full advent calendar is available here. I’m particularly looking forward to the homemade food market on December 5, Sharing is Daring on December 15 and the Haus der Kunst meets Eisfrei evening on December 11.

Eisfrei - Westend

The store is open weekdays from 10am-6pm, and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. As of December 1, Eisfrei will be open in the evenings from ca. 7pm-9pm.

Let me know which of the events you’re most keen on attending – maybe I’ll see you there!

Images courtesy of Vivi D’Angelo.

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