61. Münchner Filmkunstwochen

From July 31 until August 21, the Münchner Filmkunstwochen show the best of classic movies, recent prize winners and upcoming films.

Tonight, they’re showing Searching for Sugar Man (in its original English) at the Arena in the Hans-Sachs-Straße, in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel. I’d seen a short spiel about the movie on Slices earlier this year, but had completely forgotten about it until I met a friend for lavender ice cream at the weekend and she told me I must watch it. She has exceptional taste, so on Sunday, I sat down to watch it. And have since been recommending it to everybody. It won an Oscar for Best Documentary earlier this year, having previously won awards at the BAFTAs, Sundance and the DGAs.

Basically, it’s all about “Sugar Man”, an American political folk singer whose music became an anthem for South Africans during apartheid. In the US, he was nothing – but in South Africa, he was bigger than the Rolling Stones. One day, a report appeared in a South African newspaper stating that “Sugar Man” had killed himself – by burning himself to death on stage. It was a brutal suicide, and it got South Africa talking – who was “Sugar Man”?

I’m not going to say any more – instead, you should head down to the Arena at 8:45pm tonight to catch the movie. Tickets cost 8 €.

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