At the start of May, the STROKE.ARTFAIR heads to its hometown of Munich to celebrate its fourth birthday. The art fair began in 2009 in the city with a firm focus on the developments in urban art and has since expanded to Berlin.

Over the past few years, it’s attracted over 47 000 visitors – from artists and collectors to those who simply take an interest in modern urban art. The fair will take place on Munich’s Praterinsel – close to the centre of cultural life in the city, and a fantastic place to chill out with a beer if the weather plays ball (this weekend is set to be pushing 30 degrees, let’s hope it stays that way!).

© Martha Dear, Flickr

© Martha Dear, Flickr

So what’s in store this year? The Polish illustrator Robert Proch will be visiting the Praterinsel to install works dedicated to Japanese anime – a genre that continues to have a cult following. A couple of weekend’s ago Animuc took place – Munich’s annual celebration of anime and manga. It’s big in Munich! Robert Proch’s background isn’t totally related to anime – he focuses on a mix of fine art and graffiti, which is utterly breathtaking – and his Vimeo channel is also pretty damn good.

There are plenty of other international artists at the art fair – a full overview can be found here. Artists range from Turin’s graphic-style KNZ Clan, to Bulgaria’s brightly coloured graffiti artists Four Plus, to the thin linear works of Lyon’s Monsta.

Opening times and ticket prices can be found here.

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