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A friend recommended Rippel-B to me a couple of weeks ago, and after hearing her rave about it, I marched straight there for lunch. A small and unassuming place on Gollierstraße, in the depths of Munich’s Westend, I’m quite sure it’s the best place in Munich for spare ribs and great smoked pork sandwiches.

The menu’s simple – you can order one of three sandwiches or a plate of spare ribs. The sandwiches are served on freshly toasted Persian bread, slathered in homemade barbecue sauce and packed with tender pork and homemade coleslaw. As a side note, I don’t even like barbecue sauce, but the homemade stuff is something special.

Owner Marcel Thiel is amiable and chatty, and more than happy to recommend a sandwich and tell you more about himself. And so he did, over lunch and a coke one day…

Originally from the Spreewald, close to Berlin, Marcel moved to Munich fifteen years ago to work as a fireman and paramedic. When barbecue fever hit Germany, he tried out a lot of different recipes, before embarking on a trip to Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia to try out some authentic barbecue flavours, US-style.

Returning with new ideas, flavours and recipes, Rippel-B opened a good six months ago. The pork comes directly from Munich’s cult butcher Magnus Bauch (and the best place for Weißwurst in Munich). Bauch is right at the heart of the city’s meatpacking district and he has the freshest meat available – and he’s quite a character. Marcel smokes the pork for a good six hours in a cherry and walnut smoke, and it’s then ready to be packed into fresh Persian sesame rolls.

Rippel-B’s is open from 11am-2:30pm and 4:30pm-6:3opm on weekdays, and it’s also open now and again on a Saturday – become a fan on Facebook to stay up-to-date. Let me know which sandwich you try, and what you think!

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