Cantine Cantona - Munich

Cantine Cantona

I’ve had a chronic cough for a month now. Last week, I decided to take some time off work, to try to fix my body before heading to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the weekend. It didn’t really work – I’ve been relegated to the sofa with sinusitis, but it meant I could spend a few days exploring Munich and eating lunch at places that are normally too far away from the office – such as Cantine Cantona.

At lunch, Cantine Cantona’s a canteen, serving reasonably priced dishes from regionally sourced, high-quality produce to students, people working in the area and hungry families. In the evening, it’s a more upmarket restaurant taking reservations, but the focus is still on regional, seasonal produce, wherever possible.

The farm to table principle is a big part of Cantine Cantona’s appeal. Fish, for instance, comes from the fish farm in Griestal, Allgäu; vegetables are from Biohof Fröschl and meat is from Herrmannsdorfer, among others. There’s a whole page on their site dedicated to their local suppliers, and I really like how transparent they are about where their produce comes from.

Cantine Cantona

I headed to Cantine Cantona for lunch with Sasha last Tuesday. We were lucky to grab a cosy little table next to the window (we arrived at 1pm, rush hour in a canteen) and queued for our lunch. The menu changes daily, and there’s always a hearty vegetarian dish on offer. I had cous cous stuffed pepper with oven baked root vegetables, and Sasha had the pepper with a potato and endive salad. The food was hearty, plentiful, and made with love – which (satisfyingly) doesn’t quite fit into the stereotypical view of a canteen. Lunch, including drinks and hunks of freshly baked bread costs around 10 € each – which is pretty good for a hot meal made with organic, local ingredients.

Afterwards, we headed down the street to get some coffee at Lost Weekend, a new cafe/book store on Schellingstraße. It’s the kind of place you can take your laptop and books to and spend hours studying at, armed with great coffee, antipasti sandwiches and homemade cakes. Sasha and I sat in the window, envying the students whiling away their day in a book store, wishing we were eighteen again.

Besides an excellent selection of books (including a good few shelves dedicated to Reclam books) Lost Weekend sells “book boxes” – packed with novels, Lebkuchen, coffee or hot chocolate and art mags. If you’re looking for a last-minute, very thoughtful gift for a bookworm in your life, pop down there over the next few days.

Lost Weekend - MunichIf you’re out and about in Schwabing, I highly recommend you check out Cantine Cantona for lunch, and swing by Lost Weekend afterwards for a coffee. Cantine Cantona’s open from 11am – 1am Monday to Friday, and 3pm – 1am on Saturdays. Lost Weekend is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am – 10pm on Fridays, 10am – 10pm Saturdays and 12pm – 6pm on Sundays.

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