Quattro Tavoli – Schlachthofviertel

The Dreimühlenviertel has a high concentration of fantastic restaurants, most using local, fresh ingredients. One of the newest in the area is Dreimühlenstr.’s Quattro Tavoli, a cosy Italian which has quickly become my favourite restaurant in the entire city.

The menu is limited, but wonderful. Their parma ham platter to start is a dream.

They have lasagne on offer most days, and there are always a couple of other dishes on the menu too – their fish ‘stew’ is something special.

The staff know their stuff when it comes to wine – they import from Italy and can recommend which best fits in with your meal. And the coffee is heavenly! All of this sounds rather hyperbolic, but I can’t praise the little restaurant enough. They offer a wonderful slice of Italy, and it’s one of my favourite places to spend an evening, even if it is just for a spritz before the sun goes down.

Dreimühlenstr. 10, 80469 Munich


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