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Munich’s Best Ice-Cream

I write this as the heavens have opened, and the Queen’s jubilee weather has hit Munich. But just last week, the weather was beautiful and it seemed as though summer was well and truly here. On Thursday evening I enjoyed a Balla Beni ice-cream, and it re-confirmed my opinion that the Schwabing ice creamery offers Munich’s best ice-cream. And that’s no small feat for a city with dozens of Italian ice-creameries.

Balla Beni offers a wide range of ice-creams – from yoghurt or stracciatella to basil, or pear and mango sorbets. It’s homemade, they’re passionate about using fresh, local ingredients and they offer a friendly service. On hot summer afternoons, you can be waiting in the queue for up to half an hour – yes, they’re that popular.


There are other great ice-creameries in the city too – I love the Italian ice-cream store on Wittelsbacherstr. 16, perfectly located if you’re planning a relaxed summer’s evening with an ice-cream and a book by the Isar. They offer many different flavours – and all very creamy.

I recently tried ice-cream from Belgian Le Charrois, at Sebastiansplatz in Munich. They had a lovely ginger chocolate ice-cream – not too rich, and just spicy enough.

But still, it’s safe to say that Balla Beni remains the Queen of Munich’s ice-cream – and she’s not going to lose her crown any time soon!


I'm Rachel, the author behind Arts in Munich. I moved to Munich in the summer of 2008, and work as a copywriter and editor in the city. I have previously written for a variety of publications, including Electronic Beats, Not Just A Label and The Huffington Post.


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